Sunday, May 30, 2010

I've been quite busy with several projects, so haven't had much time to get on here.  Taking a little break right now between drafts so thought I'd let everyone know what's been going on. 

Finally got around to completing The Magic Box 2, a sequel to a children's book I wrote back in kindergarten. Naturally it's much more sophisticated than the original, which is available at DaJa Vu Books, and this time the box turns into a boat, and there will be Pirates! Lots of pirates! As soon as Jason gets around to illustrating it, we'll have it ready for publication.

I also got a YA horror novel (think Goosebumps) I wrote back in 1998 edited and ready for publication. It'll be sold exclusively on as soon as Jason finishes the cover art. Anyone noticing a pattern here?

Then I finally finished a script that readers of this blog will know I had major problems writing. Doesn't look like that's going to go anywhere, though, yet. Still needs a lot of character work.

Last week I finished the second draft of a screenplay I'm adapting from a novella by a friend of mine. Can't say too much about that now, though as the project is still in the early stages. Once we're ready to go in production, expect to hear a lot about it.

Currently I'm working on a novella of my own and researching several other projects while I attempt to sell some of my short stories to magazines. Anyone in need of a short story about a former Nazi haunted by the ghost of a little girl he killed?