Saturday, July 17, 2010

Research has begun on The Bunnyman prequel I'm working on. It's going to be a fun project. If you haven't seen it yet, check out The Bunnyman, now available on

Got no work done whatsoever yesterday. Stayed out until 4am, got up at 6:30am, and had to wait around for someone to come pick up some paperwork for my brother. The guy was supposed to come at 8am, and didn't show up until 1pm. I can't stand days like that, so unproductive.

At night I started watching a horror flick from Lion's Gate, Knock, Knock. Seems like Lion's Gate is putting out a lot of krite (new slang word I learned this week, thanks Deb and Julie) for their straight to video line. I only watched the first 30 min. before shutting it off and going to sleep, but in that 30 min. they crammed just about every horror movie stereotype and cliche ever committed to celluloid. Jock, slut, good girl, stoner, mentally retarded/disturbed suspect who has a creepy interest in the teenagers, bad acting, etc. 

I know, I know, we did this in The Bunnyman, but we did it on purpose and were trying to be funny. These people aren't being funny, they're serious. Which is just sad. Like directors who make terrible movies, but don't know they made terrible movies. I'm happy with The Bunnyman, but am realistic. The Godfather it ain't, but if you want some laughs, check it out:

I think the sheriff did it, we'll see how good my powers of deduction are. Just to cover myself, if it's not the sheriff, then it's some random guy who hasn't appeared on screen yet other than as the killer. Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tony's Doll

Been having trouble lately loading the Blogger home page so haven't been able to write anything on here lately.

I've been working on the script for The White Room and adapting a novel a friend of mine wrote, Obsession, into a screenplay.

I have one more draft on the novel I've been working on, then it should be ready to print.

Speaking of which, Tony's Doll, a YA horror novel (think Goosebumps) is completed and I'm getting it ready to send off to the printer today.

Above is the front cover art for Tony's Doll, drawn by Jason Christopher.

While you're waiting, be sure to check out The Bunnyman, a film which I wrote and directed and is now available on