Friday, July 3, 2015

Letters From Camp NaNoWriMo 2015 Part 1

So, my plans to get a good start on my project for Camp NaNoWriMo were derailed by a funky water heater. I noticed something was awry last night when smelling burnt tinge in the air when stepping out of the back porch, but it was far enough away from the water heater that I didn't consider it to be the cause at the time. People are always burning junk nearby, so that gross burnt smell of man made materials is a familiar scent where I live. My suspicions were raised, however, when later I showered and the water was far beyond the boiling point. The water never gets that hot normally, so I kind of knew something was wrong. Then, this morning, as I was heading out to return A. C. O. D. to Netflix, I had to pass by the water heater and smelled same stench of singed ozone. A look behind the cover revealed an ugly black scorch trail. By a unanimous vote of the house mates, it was decided to get a new water heater. And since I am 1 of only 2 not working at a "real" job today, my writing time went out the window. Now I'm just waiting back on the other house mate to get back with the water heater so we can get that jabroni in place. Then, I can finally start working on the next part of my novel in progress.