Monday, October 31, 2016

My New Short Film: Coulrophobia (a creepy clown short film)

Please check out my new short film, Coulrophobia

It is Halloween and Sleepy Ridge's most infamous reporter, Marcus Micklewhite, struggles to overcome his fear of clowns in order to finish his latest article, The Creepy Clown Menace, before his midnight deadline. His writer's block is also in the way of him meeting with his girlfriend, Luanne, who is ready to break up with him because Mark keeps making excuses to get out of meeting her friends. 

Of course, this being Sleepy Ridge, something strange is a foot and on top of his personal problems, Mark finds himself terrorized by an actual creepy clown. To survive this harrowing Halloween night, Mark must overcome his coulrophobia and confront the menacing clown.

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